Weekly Recap - Minnesota Public Radio

This week was really busy in the land of Minnesota Public Radio with new interviews coming out every day. Monday brought about an interview with the great Daniel Hart whose work was covered last year in a piece about under-recognized scores of 2013. His upcoming work, both for the film and the record, is fantastic and he offers great insight into how he does what he does.

On Tuesday we put out an interview with Christopher Lennertz whose work you have almost certainly heard. As discussed in the piece, he has worked with an incredible amount of gold standard composers and it offers great insight into how his stylings are becoming entwined with modern-day comedy.

Wednesday was a surprise with a really quick interview of Mark Henry Phillips from Serial fame. His work is a huge part of why that podcast series has become so popular. With insanely fast production on every episode, he didn't have time to try and make things 'perfect' and that restriction adds to a sensibility that greatly benefited the show's reception.

Lastly, something different. Our friend Silas Hite was in town last year and we were able to get him to sit down for a terrific interview that became the newest episode of Top Score; Emily Reese's terrific podcast that is working really hard to broaden how we think about video games and music. Please take a listen and share it around.

Next week we should finally have three new films for the John Barner album (sssh, don't tell him. we have as yet to let him know) and Hanan is kicking into high gear with shooting of the music video taking place shortly.

Stay tuned. Keep a look out over at Minnesota Public Radio and Happy New Year to everyone! It's so far gotten off to a great start at CyNar. 


The Satin Cowboy (also known as Silas Hite)

We've had a good friend in Silas Hite for a while now. Appreciator of the work (both visually and musically); we've been going back and forth with ideas, ways of being, what in the world can we make of all this material put out in the world.

Recently, in conversation, something new came about. Silas uses the handle Satin Cowboy for various social media handles, but it was unknown that this was more than a handle. It's also a band name - a presence. Beyond his impressive experience scoring film, television, and video games he's released records. Check out his Bandcamp page for a bit of what we're talking.

And, as luck would have it, there's more. He was working on it yesterday - along with some super secret, hush hush, material. So, keep your eyes and ears open. You never know where he might pop up.