New Logo for The White Whale

The last time we posted here was about a new logo for CyNar. Something evolved with its age and increasing abstraction from the typical methods of media production. 

Now, The White Whale is following suit. As we are finishing up Series 3, and already looking beyond to other material, a new face seemed appropriate. One that speaks to its continued understanding of itself and the evolution of its presentation in this self reflection. So, with that, here is the new look as well as a new Facebook page devoted to its own malfeasance! Enjoy.

New Logo

Over the years, the logo for CyNar has been in constant evolution. Some variants have held for quite a while, and in recent time the logo developed for The White Whale became a certain place holder as, in the being the podcast for the company, it presented a cohesive amalgamation of many the ideals held here.

However, in the midst of developing other imagery, a new logo was stumbled upon that may in fact last. It has only been a day since released, but it presents a certain abstraction that still solidifies what is held most dear and presents an identity that seems in keeping with the output. So, for now, consider this the new official logo of CyNar Pictures. 

3 Minutes to Midnight

For a while now, a composition has been in the works to encapsulate an imagining of end times. A feeling of collapse one may retreat to in an attempted understanding of the world we inhabit and the world on horizon. 

Today marks the release of said endeavor. Titled 3 Minutes to Midnight, in light of the famous clock forecasting proximity to the end of the world; this piece is not meant to ground you or provide escape for what is certainly coming. This is a sound experiment of experience - a presentation of what it may be when the last 57 minutes of existence do take shape. An accounting of last breaths, imagining a blink out with the last 3 minutes of the last hour silent, nothingness, as something new directs course to an unknown destination.

This is collapse. Either by climate change, nuclear impulse, or some unforeseen decimation. The pings of signal flare outs, reverberations of metal, and the desolation of noise. Let the movie play in your head as the sound washes over you. Waves upon waves of absoluteness. Let "[t]he images dies as soon as they are created...dispelled by the very light they a spring constantly compressed and constantly released, that carries all time within itself and consumes it there and then."