"When men have died they enter history. When statues have died they enter art. This botany of death is what we call culture." -Alain Resnais

Welcome to our playground.

There are a lot of moving parts - podcast, music, video, blog - but hopefully you'll find your way. 

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Long-form documentary, sound experimentation, and musings on the stuff of life. The White Whale is an audio production of CyNar Pictures and its record label American Residue Records. Built upon the ideas of Residual, the blog of CyNar, each episode is an extension of the blog offering visions behind the curtain of art collaboratives in video and audio.

What exactly The White Whale will become is unknown at this point, but the goal is to produce content of the quality and experimental nature we've established.

Below are other podcast productions we've been involved with and helped shape either through affiliation with Minnesota Public Radio, the use of American Residue Records' music catalog, or scoring and sound design assistance such as with Anxious Machine. With the oral history project SisterStory Garrett is lead producer helping shape and edit each episode to fit the approach of the podcast and every singular episode.

Silas Hite's home studio is a musical mad scientist's lab. Vintage instruments decorate the walls and desks, from concertina accordions and a violinuke to a wheezy pump organ. Old recording technology is sprinkled around, including a reel-to-reel tape player and an ancient boombox. Outside the patterned-curtain windows lies a view of southern California.

This studio houses a creative whirlwind. It would be entirely possible to turn on your TV and find a show scored by Silas. The commercial break could then include his work. If you want a movie, there are more than 14 that include his music. Video games afterward? Silas still has you covered.

Surprisingly, it wasn't until college that Silas discovered his love of composition. He learned percussion as a child (a love that continues today) and studied several other instruments throughout high school. Silas's time at the University of Arizona opened new musical worlds — he found composing to be more fulfilling than performing. An internship at the university's recording studio solidified his passion.

Now, years later, he's still passionate, and still creating new works.

This week's episode features a special guest-host appearance by Garrett Tiedemann.