"When men have died they enter history. When statues have died they enter art. This botany of death is what we call culture." -Alain Resnais

Welcome to our playground.

There are a lot of moving parts - podcast, music, video, blog - but hopefully you'll find your way. 

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Long-form documentary, sound experimentation, and musings on the stuff of life. The White Whale is an audio production of CyNar Pictures and its record label American Residue Records. Built upon the ideas of Residual, the blog of CyNar, each episode is an extension of the blog offering visions behind the curtain of art collaboratives in video and audio.

What exactly The White Whale will become is unknown at this point, but the goal is to produce content of the quality and experimental nature we've established.

We also work with other productions as producer and composer depending on the situation. Find our work on Life of the Law, Here Be Monsters, ARRVLS, Top Score, and Anxious Machine by subscribing on iTunes.