Visual Aids for Auto Music

Music by Brian Reitzell. Visuals by Garrett D. Tiedemann. the work of thought which consists in deciphering the hidden meaning in the apparent meaning, in unfolding the levels of meaning implied in the literal meaning.
— Paul Ricoeur (The Conflict of Interpretations: Essays in Hermeneutics)

"object chamber"

bits of glass, held loosely at the end

a rotating tube, 
shown in continually changing symmetrical forms by reflection in two or more mirrors set at angles to each other
principle of multiple reflection,

an infinite grid
duplicates of the original, 
six possible angles mirror or unreversed

tumbling presents varying colors and patterns
arbitrary patterns
beautiful symmetrical patterns
created by reflections

a sequence of data elements made available over time 

a stream of thought
as processed on a conveyor belt 

rather large in batches

normal functions cannot operate
streams are codata (potentially unlimited), not data (which is finite). 

Functions operate on a stream, 
producing filters, 
connected pipelines,
one item at a time

a : an act, event, or watchword that has been agreed on as the occasion of concerted action
b : something that incites to action
: something (as a sound, gesture, or object) that conveys notice or warning
a : an object used to transmit or convey information beyond the range of human voice
b : the sound or image conveyed in telegraphy, telephony, radio, radar, or television
c : a detectable physical quantity or impulse (as a voltage, current, or magnetic field strength) by which messages or information can be transmitted

feature some
One displayed at the same time
as one or more displayed inset

Sound is only.

requires two independents
to supply the large and the small

often used while waiting
for another to start, 
or finish.

chamber room, 
darkened, plural: 

phenomenon scene
at the other side of a screen
surface opposite the image to be clear, 

that make us principle
within a box, 
lens in the opening
popular as aid
materials to the projected image.

device without
lens referred
ographic \
paper is used.

the expected number of spins is enclosed in some species of the subgenus naturally occurring

structures occupied hollowed-out purpose to protect the dweller

densely packed cells store food and house an attempt to mitigate effects

collapse disorder patents have been issued for designs

Digital artifact
undesired or unintended
alteration in data
introduced in a digital process by an involved technique and/or technology.

any content
text, audio, video, image, 
animation or a combination.

value is preservation
a digital object
content of the object

no established standards
digital artifactual value
born-digital objects and digital representations
physical objects may have a value

“it is not obvious that digital surrogates provide all the functionality, all the information, or all the aesthetic value of originals. Therefore, while it may be sensible to recommend that digital surrogates be used to reduce the cost and increase the availability of library holdings that circulate frequently, the decision to deaccession a physical object in library collections and replace it with a digital surrogate should be based on a careful assessment of the way in which library patrons use the original object or objects of its kind.”

artifactual value; 
as stated
qualification varies
changes because of nature

"The original document made available electronically is not necessarily what the viewer receives because of the strong influence of the equipment and software that both the recorder and the viewer happen to be using. Complicating the matter even further, equipment and software are subject to significant change in the short term and over time."

A digital born object
has migrated into a digital format
can have artifactual value
linked with the document or image.

If the software is updated or enhanced, the originality or integrity of the document or image is altered.

constancy fluctuates with the advancement of computer technologies
Certain partnering may stay consistent
before an update trumps
a common viewpoint within the profession.

A sometimes known
individually secured
usually held
generally located

no disclosure
typical in arrangement
opened only with presentation

guard key
biometric dual-control
complement conventional
mass larvae
uncapping and spinning in a centrifugal machine—

"Artificial" plate
embedded in the tracking
when seen on frames
not allowed to be used for blood

Parallel projections
lines of projection
parallel both in reality and plane.

Parallel projection
category known as "pictorials".

viewed from a skew
direction in order to reveal
space in one picture
distortion, in the rote, 
some liberties may be taken

installation consisting
of a surface and support
used for displaying
a projected image
screens may be permanent
depending on optics

Different markets exist
for targeted lists
overhead, slide asunder

the basic idea