If you follow our social media accounts you'll know we are spending this weekend amongst audio greats at Podcast Movement. First time visiting this particular conference, and already excited for the next one. Yes, they have it set.

This kicks off a couple busy weeks as we are continuing to put out The White Whale every Sunday, have some work for other shows in the mix and are playing participant to the 24-hour Radio Race from KCRW next weekend. Yes, we have asked ourselves what we are doing. Too fun to take that reality check. 

If you are new to our podcast as of #PM15 please take a listen in whatever order you please. First season is chronological, but as conversation of the records and films speaks to listening and watching in whatever order you please we have designed each episode to be part of a larger whole that can be heard unto itself.

Cheers to all following and participating in this crazy business. We are having fun. If looking for us tonight we will probably be mixing some radio somewhere in the ether. Feel free to steal attention. 

Semblance, Reproduction, and Simulation: On Garrett Tiedemann's KliKt

It's Christmas day and here at CyNar we are thankful to the many who have kept this whole experiment going over the years. Two significant figures being John Barner and Doug Julien who have watched, debated, and written the text. Keeping our promise of re-releasing these materials written in response to KliKt is a thoughtfully rich engagement with the experience of watching (embedded in a photograph - so click the image to read the text).

It's this sort of dialogue we always aim to incite and looking back it's a wonder what this film accomplished. 

Cheers to you all in your celebrations and thank you for the continued support with your eyes and ears wide open.

Semblance, Reproduction, and Simulation: On Garrett Tiedemann's KliKt

by Douglas E. Julien & John Barner

(Click image for article.)