Last Thursday (in Fragments) - Series Preview - Quote Me

In 2015 Don Chambers hosted "a music and other things entertainment" each month called The Last Thursday. Each month had its own theme and governed not only the types of content, but way of presentation for the evening. These evenings lived and died in the moment with very little social media promotion or archiving. 

In the second series of The White Whale we offer snippets of these evenings; providing first glimpses beyond the nights of what went down and why their existence foregoing online permanence is important.

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Tape Extracts:

I had a dream last night, I had a dream last night that I was talking with Tom Waits. And we were talking about something and I was referencing a book. And. He got out. He got out this really fucked up like brush, artist's brush. And he had some paint with him and he was looking at the book and in order to make his points he was just painting on to the book that we were talking about. So I've been doing watercolors while we've been talking in my notebook. 

I think I started off reading Simulacra.

Disregard it.

If you want, the other thing I'd throw out as a ridiculous idea is if you wanted to do some e-mail exchanges, if you felt like you needed more language, we could do e-mail exchanges and then you or friend could just quote me. Like, maybe a girl, but I don't know, if you feel like it. I don't know, it's morning and I'm not sure what we talked about. 

It's your burden now. You can have it. 

Go far. Go weird.