Hanan - No Face (and those records/films by John and Garrett)

So, what's next on the CyNar docket? 

We are still working on what's becoming an impressive art collaborative between Garrett and John with John's in development trilogy of albums (first with Aokigahara, second with Hikikomori) . So far each album has inspired a film/music video for each track. We were lucky enough to release each visual with the song of the day release for Aokigahara, but Hikikomori has been a bit tougher. The songs have evolved and and by default the visuals must. Two films are available now, but the other three are in production and should be available soon.

We'll use this developing blog scenario to let you know first hand.

In addition to this though we've recently made some new friends at Inspirus Records and are happy to announce a union! The band Hanan and Inspirus are teaming up with CyNar to produce a music video for their song No Face off their terrific new album Sonder! This is really exciting and the idea being developed is top notch. A bit weird, a bit beautiful; totally the playground where CyNar digs.

Along with the new album we'll be covering some more documentary style filming of them in studio to help provide a glimpse of their workplace. To what end we are not yet sure, but something will arise.

We are really excited about this developing collaboration and look forward to sharing the results as soon as they are available. Until then, cheers!