Place of Theory

We have a surprise for you tomorrow with The White Whale. First of many actually - White Whale and not so White Whale related. First something else.

Reading Masha Gessen's book Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot, we encountered a quote that sums many pieces of the world up for this here production company. 

 "Theory wrapped me in an entire climate of description. Theory was simply, shoulder-shruggingly, the only thing that helped me to see what I was and where," writes memoirist Marco Roth. "Part of what Theory promised was an idea that another world was still possible, not in some mythical afterlife, but on this earth, now, that the life around me did not have to be the only one. Theory was no fixed human nature except to take in and shape what was around us. And almost everything around us was now the result of some sort of human endeavor, like the soy formula I'd been nursed on. We were culture and artificiality and engineering all the way down. What was made this could be unmade."