Windswept Pines

Did you hear the new track from This Line? We were as surprised as any to be putting that out today.  

As those listening know, the sound of The White Whale is of utmost importance. We're blessed with a rich catalog to pull from, but more and more this exercise is developing new ideas.

In this case, the episode we are currently editing needed something only This Line could provide. It's a perfect piece. Something that works beautifully in the episode, but immediately called for a stand alone shot. 

We've got another album ready for release that will provide more variants on the original music you've heard lately; but they are not going to sound like they do on the podcast. They've been rethought for an album's narrative that allows for multiple streams of existence. 

We will probably release more tracks down the line - though currently in production is a new mixtape.  Until then, enjoy Windswept Pines by This Line and get ready for it's placement in Sunday's episode of The White Whale.