Here's My Secret Podcast

There is a new podcast produced by the oral history project SisterStory called Here's My Secret. What is it? To quote the podcast write-up,

Here’s My Secret is a podcast produced by Alicia Beyer about the oral history project SisterSTory. Through interviews with student oral historians she learns more about their experiences and the valuable relationships forged between them and their Sister during the semester process. By reading the SisterStory blogs ( and personally getting to know each student prior to interviewing, we gain insight through Alicia into how this experience has changed individual lives and evolved perspectives on women religious.

So, you may be asking why we at CyNar are highlighting this production. Well, despite it being a great new podcast offering a unique perspective of a cool project, the theme music was done by Garrett Tiedemann along with a lot of guidance as to its production. So, dear reader, if you so wish, have a listen.

We will decide later if this theme will be released as a single. Cheers!