Marc Streitenfeld - After the Fall

This space is typically reserved for CyNar related materials. However, something recently came our way that needed some highlighting.

Marc Streitenfeld has a new score. Most notably known for his impressive work with Ridley Scott on films like Prometheus and Body of Lies. He also worked extensively with Hans Zimmer for years and his abilities as a sound constructor are well known.

Working as a composer he is quite versatile. Very much a chameleon of sound who can go where the narrative takes him, he also is quite adept at minimalism - as exemplified by his work on films like The Grey and Killing Them Softly. He's stunning when minimal and doesn't receive enough credit for an ability to pull back and yet create something complete.

His most recent work is for the film After the Fall and it is in line with this more minimalist approach. In times when music is more often than not needing to prove its reason for being, After the Fall is refreshing for not. It's lightly touched, utilizing a few themes to organize the ideas.

Check it out when you have time.