Unknowingly Necessary

Producing The White Whale has really taken hold the last few weeks as we've begun rolling out our idea of a first main season. Eventually we are going to start introducing one-off recordings that allow some divergence and continuation between seasons without losing the idea of long-form documentary that we are embracing with The Yokai Trilogy. 

Unexpectedly, this podcast has led us to rediscover content forgotten as well as tracks unreleased, though not by design. In case of the latter it could have been easy to pretend that wasn't the case and eventually release it as a single or as part of the original music for the podcast, but that feels disingenuous. Especially as part of the "intent" is to reveal the process.

Meta though this may be, it struck a cord that something sitting in an original assembly didn't make it all the way down the distribution chain; requiring rediscovery by an entirely unknown prospect at the time of initially considered release.

This podcast is blessed by our record label which allows usage free and clear where something original to the episode is not needed. Yet, the podcast has already offered something back and we're all better for it. 

Excited to see what other pieces will reveal themselves in the process. For now, count this as an eventual one-off - investigating the discovery unknowingly necessary.