listening to recent @whitewhalepod - sounds like I’m tuning an interdimensional radio dial across the galaxies.
— Bethany Denton, Here Be Monsters
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The White Whale is an audio zine. A podcast of mixtape journalism, fiction, and sound experimentation. We are hosted on Podbean and can be found wherever you catch our feed. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook! For transcripts of episodes check out our feed.

If I ever get the chance to make something a fraction as creative/experimental as @whitewhalepod I could die happy.
— Tyler Hill, Morning Edition

Series 3 - Samples from Anodyne

Long before her radio career, Julie Shapiro had a zine called Anodyne. After a number of issues and significant notoriety, it came to an end, as these adventures often do. In the summer of 2016 she initiated a rebirth through Tumblr and social media. Maintaining the value of printed issues, she brought Tumblr into the equation for an online connectivity the print could not allow.

This series covers the rebirth by looking back at the work and time that preceded it. Bringing in the many perspectives of those who have contributed to the new iteration, it's a time wrap of past and present that looks toward the future and where we might be going. Listen wherever you subscribe or look to our site feed for transcripts as well.

Series 2 - Last Thursday (in Fragments)

Last Thursday.jpg

In 2015 Don Chambers hosted "a music and other things entertainment" each month called The Last Thursday. Each month had its own theme and governed not only the types of content, but way of presentation for the evening. These evenings lived and died in the moment with very little social media promotion or archiving.

In series 2 of The White Whale we offer snippets of these evenings; providing first glimpses beyond the nights of what went down and why their existence foregoing online permanence is important.

Visit Don Chambers for music and more. Read transcripts of every episode on our feed

Series 1 - The Yōkai Trilogy


"Yōkai, in Japanese, means “ghost” or “apparition” and the distinction holds a particular pride of place in Japanese folklore and literary culture. The earliest beginnings of this project had to do with ghost stories, or telling stories with ghostly or supernatural elements in them. When I first started this project, I did not even know it would involve music but I remained committed to the idea of conceiving of one or more stories (written, recited, or performed) that had ghosts in them. And not just any ghosts, but particular ghosts that haunt us now...At the end of five months of research, I had three ideas, roughly sketched, and I started to work."

In the spring of 2014 American Residue Records released Aokigahara, the first of a trilogy produced by John R. Barner. This trilogy would come to be known as The Yōkai Trilogy. Series 1 of The White Whale aims to chronicle the collaboration that became this trilogy and the subsequent audio, video, and written word produced.

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Outside of each season The White Whale tells singular tales in keeping with the experimental provocations and deep dive desires of each season. Offbeat collects these tales for easy distillation. Read transcripts of episodes on our feed.