Offbeat: A Resurrection of Crimes Unpaid


Audio from a film. Watch it here:

Features new music from John Barner. Stream and buy the record here:

Tape Extracts:

I used to dream satisfaction in quiet commerce.

Past experiences made new.

Wandering the aisles - no one there.

Belief a strange buzz - energy left over from all that's typical.


I'd rarely buy.

Just look. Touch.




The Yokai Trilogy - Absent Presence


This episode starts addressing the films and how they evolved the way John saw the music. The coincidences of construction keep building onto this new narrative, creating ripples in how everyone can interpret the work.

The Yokai Trilogy - Turn of the Screw


This episode looks at the classics by James, Poe, and Hawthorne to examine how limiting their structures of storytelling have become. For the modern day ghost story Aokigahara is much more than a name for a first record, but a conduit to ideas that may in fact bring us out of history.

Testing 1,2

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You have to start somewhere. Seems a guitar feed was the best way for The White Whale to make an entrance. Stay tuned for more episodes shortly.

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